How Robot Programmers Can Help the U.S. Economy


How Robot Programmers Can Help the U.S. Economy


How Robot Programmers Can Help the U.S. Economy

The surge in the robotics industry has sparked a widespread, ongoing debate about whether robots, automated machinery and technological innovations will create more jobs for Americans or take them away. Either way, the digital age isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, nor are robots going anywhere anytime soon. Consequently, the pro- versus anti- robot debate will likely rage on, as well.

The other popular modern-age debate related to American employment is whether or not the U.S. manufacturing employment rates have experienced a decline because employers have begun to source their jobs overseas to countries where labor costs are a fraction of what they are here. The agriculture industry has also experienced a shift, however, this is because machines have been helping improve the lives of workers and the economy by taking jobs on farms while workers migrate to find higher-paying manufacturing jobs in the city.


Two Sides to Every Story

Many Americans believe robots pose a direct threat to employment — especially menial, middle-class jobs in the manufacturing, production and agriculture industries —due to the repetitive nature of workers’ movements on the job. It seems that everyday someone is putting a new story into circulation about how a traditional manufacturing job has been eliminated by a machineAlthough the jobs robots are replacing seem to be simply replacing a burden or a chore, these jobs, as simple as they may be, still once meant a pension, healthcare and rent to a human worker.

Optimistic individuals believe the more automated their world can be, the better. Many Americans claim a completely automated and digitized economy and world would provide us with ideal workforce opportunities, including a more efficient and productive system of product and wealth delivery models. If we transition carefully, many believe robots give us the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and bring more jobs home.


Robot Programmers

Robot programmers can help play a part in helping the U.S. economy by developing automated technology solutions and innovative application development for robots to work safely alongside humans in a manufacturing and industrial setting. The integration of robotics in the workplace can help streamline repetitive movements and increase productivity, producing more revenue and creating more onshore jobs. By replacing offshore jobs with robots, U.S. employment rates will improve, as will productivity and efficiency rates. By using robots to complete the easy, menial tasks, humans will be able to perform the more complex ones. By focusing on turnkey, custom application development for completion of industrial tasks, operator jobs will also be created.

By programming robots with automated applications, we can enjoy better quality, efficiency and productivity at lower costs. The potential increase in wealth delivered by the robotic workforce could increase the availability of jobs while also increasing worker pay rates as a result of reduced quality assurance costs.


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