Integrated Systems and Their Vulnerabilities


Integrated Systems and Their Vulnerabilities


Integrated Systems and Their Vulnerabilities

Integrated systems are a widely used form of business technology seen across most industries. When using integrated systems to their maximum potential, organizations hope to save time and resources accessing data. However, if proper steps aren't taken, gaps in security can be left open, leaving business security open to data breaches and other risks.



Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, comes with a lot of disadvantages from the onset of an integrated system. ERP is a common methodology used when integrating business software and applications. ERP programs typically consist of back office modules such as payroll, finance and order processing. Unfortunately, they come with a handful of disadvantages. For one, you likely have to purchase all ERP applications from the same place. Vendors are usually strong in one or a few aspects of the software, but never in all of them. You can’t mix and match to get the best functionality out of your ERP system, because they won’t be integrated.

With the expansion of ERP systems, security is becoming more and more of an every day concern. With an increase in mobile users accessing company data on different devices from different touchpoints with technology such as cloud computing, security access to integrated systems is becoming more complex. The rise in popularity of cloud computing also raises concerns about information being streamed through a third-party provider. HR departments are also using ERP systems more often. This causes more employee concern regarding the security of their personal information.

Other common risks associated with integrated and ERP systems are possible crashes due to outdated or unsupported software, loss of data control due to poor reporting capability and a delay in system updates, which can cause security threats and vulnerabilities. 

Security Measures

ERP security through the actual software programs hasn’t been improved, requiring users to implement more security measures. Some of these include:

- Frequent password changes in the case of a stolen password

- Limited access to data per person based on his or her job

- Logging all data accessed

- Maintaining a firewall as a defense

- Encrypting all data

- Securing against internal fraud

- Social media tracking

- Watching and controlling how much employees are taking via external storage such as USB devices

- Closely monitoring traffic through well-defined customer and supplier portals


The Solution

There is automated business technology designed to set you free from having to deal with systems requiring more work than they do themselves. At Aries TCO, we believe that technology and information systems should deliver automation and security. This is why we build solutions to streamline the way businesses function on a day-to-day basis. Our business intelligence products remove the worry and chores from your to-do list so you can focus on what’s important.


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