Integrating Your Business's EDI System with the Cloud


Integrating Your Business's EDI System with the Cloud


Integrating Your Business's EDI System with the Cloud 

To ensure productivity and growth in the tech-driven business world, it is essential for your internal processes to be automated for maximum efficiency. In our continuously evolving technology platforms, the integration of clients, suppliers and partners has become more intricate and challenging. It is now the norm for established companies to experience difficulty when attempting to share data with incompatible IT systems. Enhancing your EDI system is essential for running a successful business. Electronic data interchange software ensures data is shared both accurately and efficiently. An EDI system helps to substantially reduce costs. EDI systems are a third of the price of antiquated paper-based systems and feature invoicing processes which can save as much as 60 -70% over paper-based methods.


Why is EDI Important? 

The advantages of this superior business technology go beyond just cost-saving. EDI software can advance the speed and efficiency of data exchange, achieving in mere minutes what used to require days with paper-based systems. EDI also provides more accuracy than a paper-based platform. With an EDI system in place, employees can focus their energy on more high-value work. Aside from proven sustainability, EDI can lead to better business strategies and improve your reactions to shifts in your goal market. 


Solving EDI Challenges

For solving any problems efficiently and cost-effectively, a complete cloud integration is a solution. The cloud integrates your data exchange across all business networks without the need for additional and often costly software. Many businesses today face the challenge of assimilating their electronic information across all platforms. Moving to B2B cloud integration, you can leverage this new cloud delivery model to solve these former EDI challenges, bringing value to your company as well as your trading partners. Listed are the four indications of successful B2B cloud integration:


§  Compatibility – Your solution should support any connector, allowing the conversion of communication and messages across carrying processes and technologies.

§  Scalability – EDI is financially practical while guaranteeing you can automate integration easily and without the expenditure or upkeep internal software requires.

§  Security – EDI is reliable and ensures the security and integrity of your information.

§  Governance – An integration solution provides essential management to delegate tasks and enable faster deployment for complete command in all integration processes.


With this web-based platform, your business can exchange information securely and manage business relationships both efficiently and effectively. More companies, both new and established, are making the cloud their preferred option in order to strengthen their communication and business goals. With a multi-tenant integration platform, you can quickly automate your B2B data flows and EDI messages. 

We can help you streamline all aspects of your EDI processes to give you greater flexibility and control. If you’d like to learn more about how B2B integration in the cloud can help your overall internal and external processes, contact us today.