Change the Way You Maintain Employee Relations with Big Data


Change the Way You Maintain Employee Relations with Big Data


Change the Way You Maintain Employee Relations with Big Data

Businesses use data analytics to gain new insight and make intelligent decisions about marketing and other operations. But what if the same technique used to gather and evaluate operating data was adopted for employees? Would there be any benefit in doing so? According to Entrepreneur, the answer is yes.

If you think about it, employees are business’ biggest assets. Nevertheless, a key deciding factor in the success of business is how well leaders manage their workforce. Today, this leadership is further challenged by a range of distractions, and especially social media.

Should businesses hold a tight leash where this is concerned, or should there be some leeway to use these tools? Big data analytics can help you decide.

By studying employee patterns day after day for a period of time, an analysis can be made on what’s the most productive policy to take. In other words, businesses are analyzing how to capitalize on every facet of business – including employee actions online – not just the marketing budget alone.


Top Insights in Big Data Analytics:

According to news reports by Forbes Magazine, big data analytics is being used by small and mid-sized companies also. Traditionally, only larger corporations found it necessary to gain business intelligence through data analytics.


Data analytics on people can be compared to using Google’s tracking analytics to understand conversions, bounce rates, and other key information that could improve the company’s bottom line. Another example can be made of the search giant, by paying attention to how it has maintained its ruling in the online sphere.

What’s Google doing that other company’s aren't?

If you look into many U.S. based companies, the HR department monitors emails and web surf time. Google on the other hand, and with the help of people analytics, has taken out the guesswork, and instead relied on hard data to construe their policies. In other words, Google limits these heavy-handed policies.

While no one policy will work for all companies, the take-away message is that firms should seek out big data analytics to guide their decision making. This way, all rulings are objective and based on research.


The Bottom Line

Not using data analytics on employees can be compared to shooting a target blindly – you miss the mark on what’s most effective. When running a business, it’s critical to operate from the inside-out, so all reflections of the company are mirrored to the company’s mission – i.e., keeping profitable, improving awareness, or whatever the goal may be.

People analytics can also be combined with other types of data, including sales reports, marketing data, financial data, and others for making the most intelligent choices.

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