Aries is a software company established since 2006

We are a technology company with our own proprietary software and associated services focused on advanced intelligent technologies for software development and business management.



About Aries TCO

Aries was established by a group of technologists back in 2006. On average each member of the group had over 18 years of experience in their respective fields at the time. Each has Specialties in advanced Data Sciences, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Business Management. The focus of the group is to create a set of technologies and methodologies to cover Three Key Pillars of Business.

  • Creation,
  • Management,
  • Sales & Marketing through Social Media

It is the focus of these three pillars of business which drove us to create our proprietary software technologies, ACE and SIERA. This combination of key assets allows Aries to go from vision to market faster than competitors. Learn more...




Over the past 10 years Aries has built and evolved a set of proprietary software technologies, ACE and SIERA. ACE meets the needs of our first pillar of business which is to enable us to create rapidly. Go from vision to product faster than anyone else. You can read more about ACE by visiting the ACE site here. SIERA, our Master Business Management System (MBAS), allows us to house any business model, and manage all aspects of that organization in a single centralized interface. You can learn more about SIERA by contact us to setup a meeting

We know you like to know more, you can watch these presentation going into deeper details, or contact us to setup a meeting where we can discuss further and answer any of your questions.




From time to time Aries offers it expertise and technologies as a service to select clients. Our project selection is determined based on how the end result fits into the ecosystem of other technologies and services we own and operate. The primary focus of these selections are how our new relationship will benefit any of our key pillars of business. Typically, if we select a project we offer reduced rates or no fee at all in exchange for equity or the right to utilize the new offering to benefit our overall market goals.

If you would like to learn more about our services and see if your project fits into our models and have a conversation, call us or go to this page and fill out the form to setup a meeting to discuss further.